8 Fattening Cocktails To Avoid

Ordering a large, sugary alcoholic drink isn't exactly a wise beverage choice when you're on a diet — big surprise. But even people who aren't consciously watching their weight might want to avoid ordering certain kinds of cocktails at dinner, as sometimes these drinks contain the caloric equivalent an entire additional meal.

Presumably if you're a fan of the heavy cream-laden White Russian, you like drinking a cocktail that tastes like dessert. Good, because not only does it taste like dessert, one four-ounce glass is roughly the caloric equivalent of two glazed doughnuts. (Thanks, I think I'll pass on the dessert menu tonight.)

Some culprits are even less obvious. A mai tai, for example — that sweet, refreshing cocktail often sipped poolside — contains about as many calories as a Wendy's double cheeseburger.

When it comes to selecting a cocktail that won't bust your gut, stay away from drinks made with multiple kinds of alcohol (which can really rack up the calories) and avoid sugary, pre-made mixes such as the kinds you might find in frozen drinks at restaurant chains. If you really want to play it safe, a gin and diet tonic, vodka-soda, or a glass of champagne are some of your best low-calorie bets.

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