8 Fall Apple Recipes

Now that we are in prime apple-picking season, apples are at their ripest (and tastiest). Although apples are juicy and delicious on their own, cooking and baking with the iconic fall fruit can enhance an array of dishes. Autumn is bursting with crisp fall apples and we've rounded up a few recipes for you to try. From sweet to savory, apples add sweetness, texture, and flavor to any dish.  

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One of the most popular uses for apples during the fall season is to bake them in pies and tarts. And while those are certainly delicious paired with caramel sauce and cinnamon, we've gathered a few savory dishes as well. Meats such as pork chops and roasts pair brilliantly with apples, and incorporating apples into pork dishes makes for easy weeknight meals packed with bold flavor.

Whether you are visiting an orchard to bring home bushels of apples or simply picking up a few at the local market, make the most of fall's favorite fruit with some of these recipes. Add apples to your next sweet or savory dish and enjoy the apple abundance fall has to offer.

Emily Jacobs is the Recipe editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @EmilyRecipes.