8 Drinks to Boost Your Metabolism

Recipes and tips to help rev up your metabolism

Around this time of year — that is, shorts and swimsuit season — you tend to see a lot of buzzwords for the body-conscious being thrown around in the food-writing arena. Things like "waistline-friendly" and "calorie-burning" and "metabolism-boosting." And why not? For those who’ve been hard at work at the gym getting ready for a warm-weather wardrobe, it seems only fitting to support a healthy lifestyle with a diet that works toward that same calorie-burning goal.

As it pertains to food, this often means consuming metabolism-boosting dishes packed with so-called "warming" ingredients like chiles, ginger, and spices. But why not complete the equation with drinks that can also help give your metabolism a bump?

Some choices are obvious: Coffee, green tea, water — but did you know that if you drink any of those iced, you’ll get even more metabolism-boosting benefits? According to Dr. Oz, "Iced drinks force your body to work to warm up, which burns more energy." Other great options come in the form of whole-fruit smoothies and juices, often accented with cinnamon, cloves, or fresh ginger.

Read on to learn about eight easy-to-make-at-home drinks to help boost your metabolism.