8 Delicious Asian Dumpling Recipes

A dumpling can be any ball of dough stuffed with meat, vegetables, or other fillings. For those who have tried them, there is a certain satisfaction that only a dumpling can give. Whether pan-fried, dropped into a savory soup, boiled, or broiled, dumplings are found in culinary traditions all over the world for good reason.

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Within the diverse set of cuisines that are commonly termed as "Asian," many of them feature some version of the dumpling. We have compiled a list of eight delicious dumpling styles, and recipes on how to make them.

You may already be familiar with wonton or shu mai pork dumplings, but there are many other Asian dumplings besides these more popular varieties. Try this Chicken Momo Recipe, inspired by the dumplings commonly served in the Himalayan region that includes Nepal, Tibet, and India.

There are many variations of dumplings in a Chinese kitchen as well. Mouth-watering examples of dumplings stretch to regions as far as Central Asia, such as aushak dumplings that are served in Afghanistan. Click on the slideshow link to see more delicious Asian dumpling recipes.  There are so many kinds of dumplings to enjoy. Some of these dumplings may be new to you, and now you have a chance to make them at home.