8 Cooking Oils You've Never Heard Of

The first sentence of a novel sets the tone of the book, and the same goes for the first ingredient of a recipe in relation to the dish as a whole. Starting off with the right kind of cooking oil will guide your meal in the right direction, with hints of flavor and boosts of personality along the way. Different oils are needed for different cooking methods and each has a unique use. We've compiled a list of the top cooking oils that you're probably not using, but should be.

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Cooking oil serves our food as a healthy fat component, a flavor enhancer and a lubricant. Traditionally when cooking, recipes call for extra virgin olive oil; however, there are many oils out there that serve a similar purpose as olive oil but with a different flair. Let us make your transition smooth as oil as you experiment with new varieties in the kitchen. Check out the slideshow and chances are you can replace the EVOO with new oil.

Unlike wine, oils do not get better with age so make sure to use soon after opening. Although all oils have a special unique quality, many of the lesser-known types share one distinct trait: they are rich with health benefits and can often double as skin or hair care. The more you know about your oil, the better relationship you will have with your food. Naturally, the best thing you can do with your oil of choice is let it guide your meal with those first few drops. 

Whether you are sautéing over high heat or looking to add new flavors to a fresh spring salad, there is an ideal oil made to enhance each dish. Step out of the extra virgin bubble and explore the wide variety of cooking oils.