Bow Wow from 8 Celebrities Caught Drunk Tweeting Slideshow

8 Celebrities Caught Drunk Tweeting Slideshow

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Bow Wow

On New Year's Eve 2010, rapper Bow Wow notoriously tweeted about drunk driving while club hopping around Miami. Per the intoxi-tweeting star, "Face numb im whippin the labo. Tipsy as f*k. Just left @livmiami." Of course, he later tweeted an apology for being "stupid and immature."

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Sean "Diddy" Combs

In November of 2010, the rap mogul and entrepreneur spent the better part of a couple hours making random and exclamation point-studded confessions on Twitter. He announced a Valentine's Day wedding!! Claimed to have become a vegan!! Then retracted the wedding announcement because "she aint sign the prenup!!!" Finally he concluded the series by apologizing: "I'm sorry to all !! I've been drunk tweeting al all morning!! Sorry. Le gooooooo! Happy monday! Smile people. Life is short."

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Kerry Rhodes

Just this month, followers of the Arizona Cardinals safety were treated to an amusing string of tweets fueled by three glasses red wine he had enjoyed on a plane ride. He joked about thinking the flight attendant had spiked his wine and laughed as followers told him to join the mile high club. But this was the real highlight: "im on this plane tipsy as hell! i had 3 glasses of red wine and im sitting next to this cat thats snoring hella hard! somebody save me!!!"

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Although not technically drunk while tweeting, just recently the mega-popular singer shared some thoughtful hangover musings about the previous night's escapades (during which she apparently "molested 2 girls in the club!" and "lost her liver"). Her words of wisdom: "The worst part about having so much fun is no remembering any of it!!!!"

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Phil Hellmuth

The poker superstar is notorious for drunken rants that document the impressive amount of drinks he is able to down — "9 drinks down in 7 hours," "6 in 6 hours," "I am Dissapointed in myself...8 drinks in 6 and 30 mins." Perhaps more amusing however was his proclamation on one occasion that he was so drunk he couldn't lose, followed by a tweet about having lost "16k at no limit."

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Louis C.K.

Comedians and drunk tweeting? A match made in TUI heaven. The popular comedian once famously drunk tweeted from a plane, the specifics of which are a little NSFW.

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Adam Lambert

The American Idol alum has been vocal about the perils of drunk tweeting — apparently in retrospect he noticed how potentially offensive some of his previous drunk tweets had been.

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