7 Celebrities Caught Drunk Tweeting

Intoxi-tweeting, tweeting under the influence, "regret" in 140 characters or less. Call it what you want, it's not going to distract from what drunk tweeting really is: a bad idea. And if you're a celebrity, a very bad idea.

Twitter is, after all, a veritable DIY PR machine, a fact that has not been lost on the hoards of savvy famous folk who have made it work for them. And, as with any other powerful tool — a car, a stove, your work Blackberry — operating it while intoxicated is absolutely not advised (and in some cases, illegal). Why? Well, because before you know it you're three glasses of red wine deep, telling your 400,000 nearest and dearest about how the cat next to you on the plane is "snoring hella hard!" (Isn't that right Mr. Rhodes?) Or worse, you decide to take a break from hot-spot hopping in Miami on New Year's Eve to drunk tweet about drunk driving in your "Lambo." Yeah, not a proud moment for rapper Bow Wow.

Of course, with celebrities it can sometimes can be hard to tell what is a drunk tweet and what isn't. In many cases, the inspired prose dispensed by tweeting celebrities only sounds like it should have a #drunktweet at the end of it. Like when former baseball pro Jose Canseco proposed to Lady Gaga. Or more recently, it's at least what some assumed after reading actor Russell Crowe's colorful and opinionated rant. Drunk or not, they both probably could have benefitted from the Last Night Never Happened app.

To help ensure you think twice before making a virtual display of public intoxication, we've rounded up some examples of TUI from eight of your famous friends.

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