8 Amazing Desserts Around the World You've Never Heard Of

A handful of decadent desserts from around the world that are as incredibly delicious as they are foreign

Firni, or Phirni, is infused with saffron which gives it an aromatic quality and a speckled orange coloring.

Whether you're a food fanatic or just have a very sweet tooth, you probably enjoy a good dessert. We're all familiar with the delights of a baked apple pie, or even more international dishes like Italian tiramisu, or Asian green-tea ice cream. But some desserts are still fairly unknown on the global menu even though they are famous in their countries of origin.

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Some desserts use ingredients that are not easy to come by like attap chee in the Singaporean delicacy ais kacang. Others, like tavuk göğsü from Turkey, use traditional ingredients in surprising ways. Even right here in the U.S., some dessert combinations are as imaginative as they are popular, like the cherpumple from the West Coast.

Many of the world's most amazing desserts are well traveled, traversing continents and cultures while picking-up new flavors along the way. Some of the most complex desserts originated in the Middle East. Adapted from old European dishes but with interesting new regional flavors, the dishes began as street foods before spreading across the world as far as Southeast Asia.


Today many of these decadent desserts are enjoyed in both restaurants and home kitchen but one dessert is so richly decadent that it's only served in one hotel restaurant in the world, though it may be worth traveling for if you can afford it.