7 Vintage Easter Photos You Have To See

If you celebrate Easter, there was nothing more exciting than running down the stairs to discover a basket full of candies, toys and dyed eggs. There is something about that wicker basket and the smell of the plastic grass that transports us back to the days where you really believed the Easter Bunny hopped his way into your living room.

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What if you could take a trip back through time to visit the Easter Sundays of days past? While we have no time machine for you to hop into, we did find some pretty remarkable pictures from Easter Sunday's gone by. Through these photos we can take a peak back through time and revel in details.

We take note of everything from the intricate bonnets to the baskets. Filled with vintage candies and adorably dyed Easter eggs, these photos are a priceless way to commemorate a beloved holiday. Check out the photos we rounded up in this slideshow for a trip back in time!