7 Unusual Wines for Pork

Pair your pork with these unique wines

Some wines are hard to taste.

It’s not because they are actually hard to taste (well, there is that also), but rather because you don’t know when to taste them. Funky red blends, for example, tend to fall outside of the generally regional- or varietal-based scopes of most of my daily tastings. So what is one to do? Taste them together!

This may not be the most coherent group of wines ever tasted, but while tasting through them I did think of one trait these wines shared: they would all be particularly suitable for various pork dishes! Yes, it is a weird thing to say but pork — grilled, smoked, stewed and roasted — is a summertime staple around my house. So as weird as it may be, it turns out to be a timely tasting. I give you seven unusual red wines that are perfect for pork!

Click to find the most unusual wine and pork pairings.

— Gregory Del Piaz, Snooth