7 Twists on the Margarita Slideshow

Spicy Sangre Orange Peligroso Margarita

Yes, a lot of our margaritas have jalapeños in them — but how about adding them to your blood orange margaritas? This margarita is made with Peligroso tequila. Click here for the Spicy Sangre Orange Peligroso Margarita recipe.

House Margarita

At Drink.Well House in Austin, Texas, the house margarita is all you'll ever need. Jessica Sanders, who came up with the traditional margarita recipe, will even add four drops of Bittermens Hellfire Shrub, which makes the drink nice and smoky. Be sure to check out Sanders' vodka take on the margarita, too. Click here for the House Margarita recipe. 

Heat Margarita

Because everyone needs a spicy margarita once in a while. This Don Julio margarita is made with a touch of simple syrup to balance out the chipotle chili powder. Click here for the Heat Margarita recipe. 

The Coconut and Passion Fruit Margarita

No one knows how better to do a margarita better than the folks at the Viceroy Zihuatanejo in Mexico. With coconut and passion fruit, this marg will make you believe it's National Margarita Day every day. Click here for the Coconut and Passion Fruit Margarita recipe.

Tuna Cooler Margarita

Don't worry, there's no real tuna in this margarita — it's Spanish for "prickly pear," so Don Julio says. But the prickly pear is what makes this Don Julio margarita so enticing. Says Don Love (who created the marg), "This drink is inspired by a soda commonly found in Southern California called the 'Cactus Cooler,' and is a twist on a traditional margarita with the addition of prickly pear purée to the recipe. This drink is easy to make yet unique and delicious, making it the perfect recipe for the novice at-home mixologist looking to celebrate the holiday." Click here for the Tuna Cooler Margarita recipe.

The Jallarita

Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like: this jalapeño take on the margarita is served at Ranch 616 in Austin, Texas. Click here for the Jallarita recipe.