7 Tips For Making Eating With Alzheimer's Easier

It is funny how the words "food" and "comfort" often appear in the same sentence. Many of the milestones in our lives revolve around food, and it's often used as a platform to make a connection with someone we love. When times are good or bad, there is something cathartic about breaking bread together. And while there are many changes that occur in the life of an Alzheimer's patient, the need for a good meal never waivers.

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What does change about the day-to-day routine is the way a patient and caregiver experience  food. Suddenly, favorite foods seem like mysterious dishes, and those with Alzheimer's often can't remember what they ate or if they even liked it. But navigating mealtime with an Alzheimer's patient should be the last thing a caregiver is worried about when the future is already filled with what-ifs. The simple steps you can take when preparing or serving a meal for a patient can make a worl of difference, You just have to consider all of the details, from the company sitting at the table, to the types of dishware you use. Every small thing counts.  

 With the help of the Alzheimer's Association, we've come up with a few tips and tricks for making mealtime an easier experience. Click through the slideshow to start making mealtime easier!