7 Times Nutella Made Everything Better

Nutella is one of those condiments that is simply synonymous with joy. It is a chocolate hazelnut spread that enhances everything from toast to fruit.

When it comes to comfort food, we can't help it, Nutella simply sends us to our happy place. Eating Nutella for the first time is sort of a life-altering experience. Did you know that this many wonderful flavors could exist in one jar? Probably not until that very first fateful spoonful.

Nutella itself has been around for over 50 years, but bakers and home cooks alike are just starting to realize it's delicious potential. And why shouldn't they?

It is like the ultimate comfort food. Delicious, decadent and not horrifically calorie-laden... what more could you or you average dessert recipes want? And if you don't believe in the potential a jar of nutella has to make your desserts and dishes better, just check out these jaw-dropping photos. It is totally ok to stare in this situation:

Nutella Banana Bread

This isn't even the finished product and we are already dying to eat it.

(Flickr/Alexis Lamster)

Crepes de Nutella

Breakfast just got better.

(Flickr/Carlos Ficto)

Nutella Ricotta Cookies

OH HAI COOKIES! Where've you been all of our lives?

(Flickr/Sarah R)

Nutella Star

If we had a literal twinkle in our eyes, it would look like thing.


Nutella French Toast

Oh to wake up to this every day...


Nutella Cake

Holy smokes. Is it getting hot in here?


Nutella Brownies

We died and this is our eternal reward.