7 Things Shaped Like Turkeys

On Halloween, everything is shaped like a pumpkin. On Christmas, everything is shaped like a Christmas tree. And on Thanksgiving, everything should be shaped like a turkey. We've rounded up seven must-have items if you really want to go all-out this Thanksgiving.

7 Things Shaped Like Turkeys (Slideshow)

Why is it that every holiday seems to have a specially shaped item closely associated with it? Even on the Fourth of July, American flags are everywhere you look. When a holiday is about to roll around, we're all on the lookout for ways to show our spirit, and certain images go naturally with certain holidays. So when we think about Thanksgiving, of course, the first place our minds go to is the turkey.

Come Thanksgiving, it seems like everyone is looking for things to shape like turkey, and there are tons of food items that, with a little creativity, can fit the bill. For example, you'd be amazed at what an Oreo cookie, some frosting, and a few candy corns can achieve. But there are lots of items out there that you can purchase, from a turkey-shaped turkey baster to a giant turkey-shaped ice cream cake, that will have your guests in stitches.

Read on for seven turkey-shaped items that will be the life of your Thanksgiving dinner.