Strangest Disney Dining Experiences

The happiest place on earth can sometimes be the strangest, too, depending on where you dine. The wonderful world of Disney is filled with hundreds of restaurants at Disney resorts, Downtown Disney, Disney World, and Disneyland, from Frontierland to Tomorrowland.

7 Strangest Disney Dining Experiences (Slideshow)

For a magical experience with a dose of wacky and weird, check out these peculiar Disney restaurants. Sometimes it's the way they serve customers that sets these eateries apart from their run-of-the-mill counterparts; other times, the ambience of the restaurant is a little funky, or even spooky.

Inside Beast's Castle at Disney World, the Be Our Guest Restaurant gives guests a meal and a show of special effects. Find yourself in the middle of winter no matter what time of year it is as "snow" falls just outside the ballroom. And in the west wing, rose petals float gently to the ground, setting a romantic scene.

Diners travel back to the '50s at 50's Prime Time Café, where Mom lets you watch classic '50s sitcoms, playing on TVs at certain tables, during your meal. But servers are strict about good manners and will remind you to keep your elbows off the table and your napkin in your lap.

Tony Solaroni, an alien hero of the pizza world, is the star of the show at Tokyo Disneyland's Pan Galactic Pizza Port in Tomorrowland. The videos playing on the wall of the restaurant tell the story of Tony and his pizza-making machine as he saves the galaxy by delivering pizza.

Disney is known for making things more theatrical than they really need to be. But we'll leave it up to you to decide whether these restaurants are magical, funny, or a little bit too strange.

Whispering Canyon

They like to horse around at the Whispering Canyon, a Western-style restaurant at Disney's Wilderness Lodge at the Magic Kingdom Resort in Florida, where kids can ride hobby horses around the restaurant and waiters and waitresses like to pick on guests. If you're caught talking on the phone, a server might grab it from you and start talking for you, or if you drop your fork, be prepared to receive a new one that is twice its size. And the one thing you definitely want to do is ask for ketchup; waiters have been known to yell across the room for it and bring back way more than you asked for — sometimes six or seven bottles.

Blue Bayou

At Disneyland's Blue Bayou in Anaheim, California, which sits on the water at the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, you might imagine yourself setting sail straight to Davy Jones' Locker. With dim lighting and nautical décor, it's spooky and romantic at the same time.

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