7 Specials That Celebrate Hanukkah

These fabulous mainstream TV specials celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah

A sneak peak of some of the best Hanukkah specials we’ve seen!

When the holidays roll around, we tend to get caught up in the brew-ha-ha of endless Christmas specials and odes to Santa Claus. With movies from It’s a Wonderful Life to tons of claymation Christmas specials, many other holidays get overshadowed by the extremely marketable spectacle of Christmas.

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For those who celebrate Hanukkah, it seems like there is very little on the mainstream circuit that acknowledges their holiday, let alone some of the best funny moments that get associated with it. In honor of all of those gearing up for Hanukkah instead of Christmas this year, we found some of the best specials that celebrate the Festival of Lights.

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Relive the magical moments of Kyle teaching Ike how to spin the dreidel on South Park. Or bask in the glory of interfaith holidays with The O.C.’s Chrismukkah special, where the Cohens share their strategy for the ultimate holiday extravaganza. From obscure episodes to classic Hanukkah skits, we found some of the best, and funniest, clips that celebrate Hanukkah. To see what made our list, check out the accompanying slideshow!