7 Sexy Wine Facts That Will Make Your Date Fall For You

Uncorked and shared between two potential lovers, wine — particularly red wine, the color of love — is a very sexy drink. Whether it's the aroma, the shape of the curvy glass the drink is poured into, or the temptation that follows after just one sip, there's something about wine that is irresistible.

7 Sexy Wine Facts That Will Make Your Date Fall for You (Slideshow)

You might say that a good wine is classically romantic — not too bold and never dull, with a scent that gives off the right amount of sweetness that's just enough to excite you and your partner. Gentlemen, you can bring out her sexy side with a glass of red. Red wine is known to put women in the mood for intimacy. Knowing a few sexy facts about wine will make you look good and could make your date fall head over heels for you.

And, ladies, a little bit of wine knowledge will make your man swoon. You might explain to him what it means for a wine to be "full-bodied": rich and complex, with a flavor that lingers.

If the mood is right and the wine is good, you two could fall hopelessly in love by the end of the night. Pour a couple of glasses and tempt your date with these irresistible facts about wine.


Just the aroma of wine is enough to turn your date on. The scent replicates human pheromones, chemicals that cause intimate responses in humans.

Sexy Glow

A glass of red wine can give your skin a sexy glow. The polyphenols in wine help prevent skin aging over time.

Read on to learn more sexy facts that will make your date fall for you!

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