7 Reasons Why a Yankee Stadium Suite is Worth the Money

Watching a game from the lap of luxury is very, very nice
Dan Myers

A front row seat, and a ledge for your beer? Sold.

We had the opportunity to watch a game at Yankee Stadium from a luxury suite this week, and it was certainly an experience to remember. The Hard Rock Café that’s located inside the stadium was showcasing a handful of delicious new menu items, including Twisted Mac, Chicken, and Cheese; a smoked beef brisket sandwich; a cowboy rib eye; and a BBQ chicken and ribs combo, and aside from being mighty tasty, a stadium is the perfect setting for that kind of food. Along with a private restroom, several televisions, two rows of wide, padded seats, and your own elevator, here are seven things that make a luxury suite the best way to watch a baseball game.

The Popcorn Bucket Also Has Pretzels in It

And you can’t see it from here, but the Yankee logo is on the side of the bucket.

There’s an Ice Bucket

Who needs a popcorn bucket when there’s white wine chilling in an ice bucket?

Hungry? There’s Tons of Food

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks ain’t got nothing on pizza, sliders, hot dogs, wings, and chicken tenders.

There’s a Personal Concierge

Anything you want, just ask.

There’s a Ledge for Your Beer

Every row has a marble ledge in front of it. Who needs cup holders?

Everything is Leather

Inside the suite, there’s a couch and two leather chairs, plus a row of seats that look out onto the field, all leather.

There’s a Bar

You can’t beat your own private bar.


Sure, it’s expensive, but when divided between 20 people it’s a splurge but not an insane one. The opportunity to take in a game from a suite is an experience you’re not likely to forget.