7 Quirky Coffee Shops

It takes a lot to surprise people these days — to stand out from the crowd, and make someone do a double-take. Tell you what though, a coffee shop with a life-size replica of the DoLorean (you know, from the '80s classic, Back to the Future)? That'll definitely turn some heads.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking: A place like that has to be all style and no substance. Right? Not so fast. The spot, an '80s-themed café called The Wormhole (for obvious reasons), was actually just recently named one of Chicago's best coffee shops by Imbibe magazine. As it turns out, the eclectic coffee house is known for pouring serious cups featuring Metropolis beans, as well as those from a variety of American specialty roasters.  

Do a little digging and you discover that a number of different "themed" coffee shops exist across the country. In Sedona, Ariz., for example, you'll find Sedona Bike & Bean, what many consider to be the pioneer in the growing bike café trend. Moving south, in Austin, Texas, you can find a spot called Kick Butt Coffee, known for its solid brews and martial arts theme. And of course, as is to be expected with such things, there are those places that take a concept to the extreme. Like, say, a KISS-themed coffee shop in Myrtle Beach (apparently soon to also be in Las Vegas). How's that song go again, "I want to rock 'n' roll all night, and drink coffee every day"?

If you're into a little quirk with your cup of Joe, read on to learn more about seven unique, themed coffee shops.

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