7 Heavenly Deviled Egg Trays Slideshow

Peep Party

This one's another festive find; add these little chicks to your Easter table or simply use it all year round and smile at their cute faces every time you serve up deviled eggs. $58

It’s Only Fair…

… to have an actual deviled egg plate to display your deviled eggs isn't it? $26.50

Pastel Perfect

Perfect for Easter, serve up your deviled eggs or put your decorated Easter eggs on display with this festive server. $24.95

Tray It Up

Use this petal-inspired tray at home or put a lid on it and bring it on-the-go.


For the Hostess

We’re loving this carrier not even for its purpose, but just because of how bright the prints are. Keep your eggs insulated and don’t worry, there is a non-skid surface that prevents them from moving and shaking while you’re on the go. $64

Williams-Sonoma’s all-white tray is perfect for any occasion. $22.99