7 Funniest Aprons

Lederhosen apron. Bonus points if you wear it during Oktoberfest while frying up some schnitzel.

(Credit: flickr/jen)


Kiss my as-paragus. A sassy apron for the pun lover in your life.

What part of "It's not ready yet" don't you understand? You're underappreciated and we understand. Save your voice and show the whole family exactly how long they'll have to wait until dinner.

(Credit: flickr/ATiwolf)

Is it hot in here or is it just me? So hot in here. Seriously though, turn on the fan or open a window, man.

(Credit: flickr/morgan)


Skeletons with a heart. Halloween is quickly approaching and you're nothing without a scary set of skeleton aprons  for you and your loved one. You may want to skip the knife though. That might scare trick-or-treaters away, unless that's the objective of course.

Skinny cooks can't be trusted! So, so true. Also, extra points for extremely appropriate use of an exclamation point.

(Credit: Flickr/ Carly Lesser & Art Drauglis)


Underpants apron. Because you never know when you'll need an extra pair? If this is homemade (and I believe it is, judging from the tractor belt tie) immediate grounds for extra points on a DIY Christmas present.

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