7-Eleven Going Healthy?

The quick-mart is rolling out a full line of healthy options


When we think of 7-Eleven, we usually think of Slurpees, Slim Jims, and a quasi-magical-looking heated rolling contraption full of hot dogs and far more mysterious deep-fried items. But that’s apparently an image that the company is actively trying to shed, because recently they’ve been rolling out a line of healthier items that still take a grab-and-go approach.

"7-Eleven knows guests are looking for healthier food items to fuel their day as well as the more indulgent items they love and strives to offer that balance across its Fresh Food offerings — healthy and indulgent, value and premium," the company said through a release. So while they’re certainly not abandoning their unhealthier ("indulgent") fare, it’s beginning to take a backseat to some healthier offerings.

These new lunch items include a turkey, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on wheat bread and smoked turkey with Jack cheese and Southwest mayo on wheat bread. Snacks include a "Bistro Snack Protein Pack" with mini pitas, Cheddar cheese cubes, grapes, celery, baby carrots, and hummus; fruit and yogurt parfaits; fruit cups; and carrots and celery with blue cheese or ranch dip.


While it might sound strange to think of turning to 7-Eleven for a healthy lunch or snack, with their new offerings, it might not seem so odd in the not-so-distant future.