7-Eleven Adds Slurpee Lite and More News

In today's Media Mix, Jersey Shore's Pauly D gets a liquor deal, plus Scotland sets a minimum alcohol price
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

7-Eleven Goes Skinny: Along with taking over Manhattan, the convenience store has introduced a low-calorie Slurpee, if that's possible, as Slurpee Lite. [USA Today]

Pauly D Gets Liquor Deal: Rumor has it that the Jersey Shore star will soon announce a ready-to-drink cocktail, REMIX, after working with Skinnygirl Cocktails co-founder David Kanbar. Also, TMZ explains what pregaming is. [TMZ]

Obese Drivers Less Likely to Survive Car Crash: According to a new study, drivers of standard weight are 67 percent more likely to strap on a seatbelt than "morbidly obese drivers," leading scientists to urge car manufacturers to create better seatbelts for larger passengers. [The Atlantic]

Scotland Ups Minimum Alcohol Price: Scotland has set a planned minimum alcohol price to 50 pence a unit, making a bottle of wine at least $8, and four cans of beer a little less than $6. Researchers believe this new minimum will cut alcohol consumption by 5.7 percent, saving 60 lives in the first year alone. [The Guardian]

Against Sending Horses to Slaughter: The quiet change of law allowing the funding of horse slaughterhouses has got some people looking for food, while others bring up War Horse to think of companions. [NY Times]