7 Drinks That Fans Miss the Most

The discontinued beverages consumers wish they could have back
7 Drinks That Fans Miss the Most
I'm Remembering!

The customer is always right. Always give the consumer what they want. These are mantras that the food and restaurant industries (and most others, for that matter) live by. Still, we've all been there before: seen our beloved food and drink products unceremoniously pulled from grocery shelves and run out of stock at store outlets.

To this, people can react rather unfavorably. We shake our heads and huff indignantly at the employee who broke us the tragic news. We curse the number-crunching bigwigs whose bottom-line analysis didn't factor in just how very much we loved said product. The most passionate among us might even take our battle cry online — looking to enlist like-minded consumers through petitions on Facebook fan pages, we hope that someone out there will take notice and realize the terrible mistake that's been made.

Oftentimes, these dearly departed items find themselves memorialized on 'greatest hits' lists of cult classics from eras gone by. Or in some cases, dedicated fans will pay tribute to nostalgic favorites by sharing recipes for homemade versions (80s nerd juice Hi-C Ecto Cooler, for example). Of course, for those who really can't live without the real thing, there's always the hope that you can find a remaining sample on eBay. (Miss Sprite Remix? The bidding for a full can of the Berryclear flavor starts at $7.99.)

Fortunately, at least for a few fleeting months this summer, fans of Mountain Dew's discontinued Pitch Black flavor were spared from having to resort to an online bidding war to taste the drink again. As part of their "Back by Popular DEWmand" promotion, the flavor was made available again in stores from May through July of this year.

So who knows, maybe there is reason to hold out hope that your much-missed favorites will make a comeback some day? From an out-of-commission Starbucks syrup flavor to retro sodas that got the ax, here are seven drinks consumers appear to be longing for.

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