7 Different Ways To Blanket Your Pigs From Chef David Burke Slideshow

Sweet Ending

To create mini desserts based off the classic appetizer, use phyllo dough spread with Nutella and wrap it around bananas. Just use this basic recipe for pigs in a blanket as your starting point for instruction, and follow the baking directions on the back of the phyllo dough's box.

Click here to see the Pigs in a Blanket recipe. 

Artichoke Hearts

For a vegetarian version of the classic treat, wrap jarred artichoke hearts in puff pastry instead. They're the perfect, meaty filling inside the dough and they'll become nice and crisp after baking. Make sure to pat your hearts really dry before assembling. 

Asparagus Spears

Just like mini hot dogs, asparagus spears have the perfect of crunch to be wrapped up. Instead of spreading Dijon, sprinkle a little bit of your favorite cheese shredded instead for an additional flavor. 

Breakfast in a Blanket

Pigs in a blanket can have a place on your breakfast table, as well. I wrap breakfast sausage in brick dough and serve them with a side of maple syrup. Use this basic recipe for a starting point, but brush the rolls in maple syrup instead of egg wash. 

Click here to see a basic Pigs in a Blanket recipe