7 Delicious Reasons to Go See a Lions Game in Detroit

Even if you don’t like football…
Dana McMahan

"Food people don't think about football, do they?" my husband asked me recently upon learning that a Cochon 555 event we'd be attending coincided with a big football game. I'd have argued the opposite — football people don't think about food. Stadium food in my (granted, limited) experience offered little for the food lover.

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What do sports organizers think? That watery beer and processed food products are no doubt made up for by the excitement on the field? But then I heard about the offerings at Ford Field in Detroit, home to my Michigander husband's favorite team, the Lions. Food trucks, local barbecue, craft beer, and cocktails — what is this? Football and food can live happily together? And with that news I at last signed on to attend my first-ever NFL game (unfortunately for the heartbreaking loss against Cincinnati — what I wouldn't give to have been there for the awesome last-second comeback against Dallas the following week!) 

The move to feature some of Detroit's iconic food purveyors — which include everything from Coney Islands and Corridor Sausage Co. meats to peanuts from Detroit's Germack Pistachio Co. and Good People Popcorn — is part of an overall Lions push to support their community. The "One Detroit. One Pride." slogan aims to unite the team, often an underdog itself, with the struggling — and persevering — city. 

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Besides behind-the-scenes efforts like buying office supplies from local companies and working on the ground with neighborhood initiatives, the Lions' local love means finicky fans will find plenty to cheer for at Ford Field. Here are a few of my favorite reasons food lovers should get to a Detroit Lions game.