7 Decadent Dessert-Only Restaurants

Have you ever felt like skipping dinner and going straight to dessert? Good news: dessert-only restaurants are located around the country, offering sweet and decadent dinner menus, minus the dinner. At these designated dessert restaurants, it is not only possible, but required, to go straight for the sweets.

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Don Tillman, owner of New York's first dessert restaurant ChikaLicious Dessert Bar, says the idea of opening a dessert-only restaurant started with the question of "what if?"

"I found myself asking, what if you could get a four-star-restaurant-quality dessert without having to endure the expense of the requisite meal first?" Tillman said. 

ChikaLicious was the first designated dessert restaurant to open in New York, in 2003, but in other cities, dessert restaurants have been around much longer: Boston's Finale opened its doors for the city's sweet lovers in 1998.

Just like regular restaurants, these dessert restaurants all have unique menus, styles, and signature dishes. At Swoon Dessert Bar in San Diego, Calif., the menu revolves around creative combinations of seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, and at The Solstice in Chicago, candy-flavored martinis such as Peanut Butter Cup and Banana Foster add an element of extra sweetness to the indulgent menu. And to make your dining experience that much sweeter, most of the spots on this list also offer wine, beer, and coffee to go with their menu options.

ChikaLicious' Tillman said it best: "No matter the fad diet, people will always require their sweets."