7 Culinary Reasons To Visit Iceland

Looking to find the best local places to eat and discover a culture when traveling? If visiting Iceland, it might then be worth looking up one of the newest features of the country's tourism campaign, "Inspired by Iceland."

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Aiming to inspire travelers to seek out different "secrets" that the country has to offer, local Icelanders share their knowledge and personal favorite places, activities, and things about Iceland – from someone's favorite record store to a secret family recipe, or a spot by the lake with the very best view of the Northern Lights. These tips will give visitors "a whole new Iceland, focusing on hidden adventures and experiences that up until now, have been kept under wraps," according to press release. 

The campaign "Share the Secret" covers a wide variety of themes from Icelandic nature and culture, with insider tips on food, design, music, shopping, and adventure.  An interactive map of secrets forms a hub for collecting and sharing these tips and experiences, showing where inn the country each "secret" can be found.

The "Share a Secret" site is full of interesting and surprising ideas of things to do, and eat. Who knew that Iceland is the home to as special bread made by burying it near a hot spring, where the heath of the ground will cook the bread? Or that there is a village where fishermen will show you how to cook a four-course meal of local seafood? To see more of our favorite Icelandic food-secrets, click through our slideshow here