7 Burger Commandments

There’s no wrong way to make a burger
7 Burger Commandments

There’s a reason that the burger is one of the most popular dishes in America.

Proper way to hold a burger. Yes, there’s a correct way to hold a burger. No, it’s not “when in doubt, pinkies out.” According to scientists, the best way to hold a burger is with the thumbs and pinkies holding up the bottom bun and other fingers resting gently on top.
There is a scientifically proven way to hold burgers.
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Go wild with toppings. Stack them high and remember that if you have proper burger hand posture, there’s no such thing as too many toppings.
Pile your burger high with toppings.
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There’s more to life than Cheddar. Be adventurous with your cheese; find something that pairs well with the toppings you so boldly picked out. Caramelized onions, apple, and blue cheese on my burger? Don’t mind if I do.
Try different types of cheese on your burger.
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Fried eggs make burgers better. Because you wanted more protein on your protein, top your burger with a fried egg and then slice it all down the middle. Deliciousness and dripping egg yolk ensue. You’re welcome.
Add a fried egg to your burger.
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Pick a bun strong enough to hold the burger. If you’ve ever experienced the soggy bun conundrum you understand the importance of this. Strength of bun should have a direct correlation to the amount of toppings and liquid condiments on the burger.
Pick a strong bun for your burger.
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Burgers are not just beef. Everyone should be able to enjoy a burger in all of its glory no matter the diet restrictions. There’s no (ok only some) shame in veggie, salmon, and turkey burgers. Except paleo burgers. You’re not fooling us, lettuce “buns.”
Turkey burgers count, too.
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If you can dream it, you can eat it. Restaurants offer almost infinite varieties of burgers, but you can also make some wild and crazy burgers at home.
Build your dream burger at home.

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