7 To 11 Reasons Why We Love Slurpees

If you weren't planning on celebrating National Mojito Day on July 11, there is another drink you should be drinking: the 7-Eleven Slurpee. In honor of the chain's 86th birthday, participating 7-Eleven stores are offering free small Slurpees to Slurpee fans everywhere. 

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And yes, the celebration continues with some outrageously weird promotions, like the Slurpee dance videos (even instructional videos!), Slurpee gear for sale, a Slurpee theme song, and to really get you in the spirit, a motivational chinchilla. (We can't make this stuff up.) But hey, at least there are new flavors in store, like the Slurpee Lite Sugar-Free Mango Lemonade and the Slurpee Strawberry Lemonshade. 

But really, who needs all the promotional fluff when in fact, the Slurpee is just about the ultimate drink of summer. You can't deny that you once spent a day cruising with your friends around town with a neon colored, ice-cold Big Gulp Slurpee in hand. It may be no Wendy's Frosty, but they're pretty dang delicious. While you're secretly sneaking in a shot of liquor or two into your Slurpee tomorrow (we won't tell), here are seven to 11 silly reasons why we love Slurpees and Free Slurpee Day.