600 Pumpkins Disappear in Long Island, New York

Someone managed to carry off a whole lot of pumpkins

Police are looking for thieves who managed to make off with 600 pumpkins from a farm in Long Island.

Some enterprising fall thieves have made off with more seasonal produce than they could possibly carry, robbing a Long Island, N.Y., farm of 600 pumpkins.

According to CBS, police are currently looking for evidence in the theft of 600 whole pumpkins, which were stolen from Rottkamp's Fox Hollow Farm on Long Island this weekend. The Rottkamp family has owned the farm since 1967, and uses it to grow and sell pumpkins. The farm has four acres of pumpkin patch available for visitors who want to pick their own pumpkins, and another 36 acres of pumpkin-growing land on the site. Police are not yet sure how the thieves got onto the property, or how they managed to cut approximately 600 pumpkins and make off with them without being spotted.

Authorities say the purloined pumpkins were worth $4,200 altogether. Anyone spotting someone in the area with either a whole lot of pumpkins or a really big pie is asked to notify the police.

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The thieves' identities are still a mystery, but they might be interested in checking out some of our best pumpkin recipes for some seasonal ways to destroy the evidence.