The 6 Worst Light Beers

These light beers are pretty bad
The 6 Worst Light Beers

Some of these might be good choices for beer pong though.

#6 Bud Light

The classic cheap beer Bud Light is one of the better light beers on the market, but those who don’t like it think it tastes and smells a bit too much like college. That said, it’s somehow the best-selling beer in America.

#5 Michelob Light

Michelob Light doesn’t have a lot of flavor, but its lightness and lack of flavor make it an ideal choice for beer pong.

#4 Coors Light

While it smells like cider, Coors Light doesn’t have much going for it flavor-wise.

#3 Amstel Light

Light and watery, and lacking any smell, some have said that Amstel Light tastes like medicine.

#2 Corona Light

Described by some as the "Diet Pepsi of beer," Corona Light doesn’t even measure up to average beer. It has a skunky smell and little flavor. But then again, perhaps it’s another good choice for beer pong.

#1 Keystone Light

There’s really nothing good to say about Keystone Light. The beer is light-colored, sour, and watered down, as if it’s been left out from the night before.

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