6 Thoughts That Everyone Who Loves Sriracha Has

Over the past few years, sriracha has exploded in popularity. While 10 years ago the vast majority of Americans hadn't even heard of the then-relatively obscure Thai hot sauce, today you'd be hard-pressed to look through a kitchen cabinet and not turn up a bottle or three. So what is it about this magical hot sauce? Why do we love it so much? Whatever the answer is, here are six thoughts that all sriracha-lovers have had at one point or another.

Where has this been all my life?
Seriously, how has this sauce been toiling in obscurity for decades while we've settled for Tabasco?

PLEASE don't close the factory down!
Every so often the residents of the town where the factory is located threaten to sue because of the smell. But that factory better not shut down; even one day without sriracha is too long.

Why does it go with everything?
Want to squirt some on your eggs? How about that salmon, or pizza, or burger, or soup, or cocktail, or spring roll, or...

What's the deal with the rooster?
We know that it's also called rooster sauce, but the connection between the two will always be a bit of a mystery. Yes, it's the logo of brand Huy Fong, but what's its inspiration?

What else can I use this in?
Discovering a new use for sriracha makes every day a little bit sweeter.

What makes this so addictive?
Maybe it's the garlic? We're going to say that it's the garlic.