6 Things You Didn't Know About Jack Daniel's

1. Just as Chanel has its signature No. 5 fragrance, Jack Daniel's has a signature whiskey: the original Old No. 7 brand. There were not six previous versions that were discarded as Jack's biographer claims that the name is actually derived from the official number the government assigned to Daniel's distillery.

2. Frank Sinatra was a devotee of Jack Daniel's and loved the Tennessee whiskey so much that he was buried with a bottle. Two special bottlings have been released in his honor since his death.

3. Jack's hometown is actually booze-free: Moore County, Tennessee, where Jack is distilled, is a dry county. The distillery itself gets a special pass and is allowed to sell its wares, but there are no liquor stores in town. The distillery, exempt from the law, sells Gentleman Jack in its gift shop.

4. Jack Daniel's received the gold medal for best whiskey at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904.

5. The Jack Daniel's plant has had to close a couple of times: once for prohibition (it's one of very few distilleries to reopen after), and once during world War II (the government banned the manufacture of whiskey during the war effort).

6. Jack was originally 90 proof, but was lowered to 86 in the 1980s, and was again diluted to 80 proof in 2002. Although the manufacturers claimed that this was because people enjoyed the lower-proof taste more, the move caused a big stir among whiskey drinkers, and people actually drew up petitions in protest.