6 Things New Yorkers Think About Food (But Are Wrong About)

New Yorkers are a rare and proud breed. They are loyal to everything there is about their city – especially its food scene. And they'll argue that every meal you'll eat in New York will be the best meal in your life.

It's a fact that New York has the best pizza in the States (maybe even the world), and there is no way New Yorkers would get a bagel anywhere outside of the city. Because why even bother? It's not going to be good.

But New Yorkers' pride can often lead them to believe things about food here in New York (and the food scene around the country) that might not be true. 

"To brunch" is a legitimate verb (and a God-given privilege).

It's normal to go to a bar and pay $15 for a cocktail – actually, come to think of it, $15 is cheap.

Let's just get it delivered.

Dirty water dogs are the best hot dogs out there (and they are safe to eat).

We have incredible Mexican food – probably the best in the States.

It is completely acceptable to have a dinner reservation at 9 PM on a Tuesday.

New York City is the culinary capital of the world...

...oh wait, it is!