6 Sunday Brunch Cocktails

Sunday deserves a lot more credit as a day than it is given. This is the universal day of rest, the one day of the weekend when you most likely don't have as many obligations to tend to as you did on Friday and Saturday. It's a day to put your mind at ease and to say, hey, I could do this today, or I could just wait until Monday! With that in mind, there is one specific way to use this Sunday to the best of your abilities: with cocktails.

The best way to take advantage of Sunday fun day is to find a few of your favorite cocktails and a few of your favorite friends to enjoy them with. Especially in the summertime. Sunday fun day is a perfect way to end your weekend and to go into the work week with an open mind. You might have a long week ahead of you, but at least you have next Sunday to look forward to!

On a typical Sunday, I like to start the morning with brunch. This ultimately leads to brunch-style cocktails, i.e., mimosas, bellinis and bloody marys. After that, the day is pretty much open to anything and everything the heart desires. A day of relaxing on the balcony would be greatly complemented by a glass of white sangria. Maybe a day at the pool or at the beach? For me, anything cold, bubbly and with gin is perfect.

So, instead of sleeping the day away this coming Sunday, take advantage of the new boozy knowledge you're about to learn and mix up some Sunday fun day cocktails that will make Sunday your new favorite day of the week. 

Click here for six Sunday brunch cocktail recipes. 

— Sara Kay, The Spir.it