6 Prime Food News Sites

Vice Magazine Food Section

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Vice Magazine is an international media source covering issues from serious news to pop culture, and their food section is a prime resource for the latest food-related information. They have articles on every subject from modern-day chocolate child-labor to the ruin of brunch culture. Because of Vice's experience-based "immersionist" style of journalism, the writers often get themselves into crazy situations (one found herself attending a feral game dinner party in an ominous Bronx mansion) making for raw and entertaining reportage.


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Edible magazine is a New York City based publication (with issues focusing on Manhattan, East End, Brooklyn, and Long Island) with coverage on local events and restaurants but there are also more general articles, like for a spring pea mojito recipe or on a TEDx talk on fishing. The magazine emphasizes sustainability and alternative food systems, so you get articles on urban farms and food policy too.

Huffington Post Food and Taste Sections

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The Food section of the Huffington Post covers a wide variety of food issues all over the world, hitting the historical (like what the ancient Egyptians ate) to the latest GMO news. The Taste section is a compliation of recipes, quizzes, and lists for the best in dishes across the world. Their articles have the best visuals, making for mouth-watering reading (like this list of 41 strawberry desserts or grilled cheese recipes).


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With chapters covering different cities across the US and Canada, Eater is the website for restaurant and chef news for those who want to know what the latest openings are and who is who in the food world. Check it out to learn which city is opening a Nutella bar, get a look inside a Californian Sriracha factory, or where to eat barbequed brisket if you're in NYC.


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This is NYMag's food news website – but fear not, there are still plenty of articles on topics outside the NYC parameters. Did you know there are pig farmers trying to raise whiskey-flavored pigs in Iowa? Or that New York state is trying to make yogurt its official snack? Now you do.


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This one has more recipes than food news, but the recipes are so innovative and seasonal that the website as a whole is a prime source for the latest trends in food. Plus the gorgeous minimalist-themed photography makes reading these a pure pleasure. The perfect French fry? The know-all guide to thyme use? Sweet potato flan? Yes, please.

Notable others include Thrillest, Michael Pollan's Official Website, and National Geographic's Food site.

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