6 Pink Recipes for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Go pink and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with these pink-licious recipes!
Perfect ‘Pink’ Recipes

Perfect ‘Pink’ Recipes

Strawberry Risotto

The combination of strawberries and risotto might seem a little strange at first, but this savory dish is a flavorful and bright surprise. The sweetness of the berries cooks away and you're left with more of a tart flavor. Plus, the dish is a lovely shade of pink.

—   Emily Jacobs

Cotton Candy Recipe

Fluffy, pink, and perfect for such a sweet cause, this easy cotton candy recipe is perfect as a sweet treat or as a garnish on cocktail or dessert table.

Rosé Sangria

Combine rosé with a light lemonade and fresh fruit and suddenly you’ll have a crafty, delicious drink that won’t cost you too many calories.

Pink Pig Shortbread Cookies

You (or rather, your kids, right?) will have fun dancing these little piggies across the kitchen and all over the house; just hope that they don't leave a trail of crumbs behind to clean up.

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—   Rebecca Rather

Pink Macarons

Macarons can be an intimidating task to take on for novice bakers, but they're actually quite easy to make and are the result of simply whisking egg whites. A drop of red food coloring makes these elegant cookies the perfect sweet to enjoy during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

—   Chef David Burke

Pink Grapefruit Sparklers


Enjoy this sweet, pink snack that is refreshing and healthy.