6 Party Tips for Socially Awkward People

Don’t freak out over your recent invite to a party; these tips will help you avoid looking like a total creeper
Helpful Party Tips

Socialize with a little grace and a lot of ease.

Getting invited to a party is usually a fun time!


But for socially awkward folks, it can be a little nerve wracking.



Remember, Everyone Can Be Awkward at Times

And that is ok! Meeting new people is hard. You guys have to keep calm and follow these simple rules.



Don’t Isolate Yourself

Sitting in the corner like a creeper is not acceptable. You don’t have to be in the middle of the active crowd, but you shouldn’t be in a corner brooding either.



Don’t Hover

Helicoptering around a group of people for too long is almost worse than sitting alone. Hover for a few moments and look for a moment to join in politely. If you think that moment isn’t going to arrive, go grab a drink and come back to the general vicinity and see if the opportunity casually presents itself again. Just don’t linger too long.



Introduce Yourself

It may be really hard for an introvert to do, but a simple wave of the hand and a polite smile goes a long way. Try finding another loner at the party and striking up a conversation about the food or the cheap beer. Just don’t do it like this:

weird hello


Try Hanging Near the Food

It is a great place to start up a conversation! Who doesn’t love food? Plus, you get to munch between bouts of socializing.

eating gif


Skip the One-Liners

Skip a cheesy one-liner and we guarantee the conversation will go better.



Be Confident

You know you are awesome, doesn’t everyone else deserve to know too?

self high five


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