Cilantro from 6 Innovative Herb Cocktails Slide Show

6 Innovative Herb Cocktails Slide Show

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Cilantro, the leaf of the coriander plant. Described by some as citrusy (or alternatively, "soapy" by those who dislike it), it can be used to give a cocktail a clean, fresh flavor.

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The dining room at Marigold Restaurant


At Indian restaurant, Marigold, in Chicago, fresh Cilantro is mixed with Cuervo 1800 Tequila, Old Monk Indian Dark Rum, Red Chili/Coriander/Fennel Puree, and Pomegranate Juice, in a cocktail called Kashmir 795.

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Lemon Verbena

Not surprisingly, this herb is used for its lemony flavor. 

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The dining room at Café Atlantico

The Mississippi Manhattan, at renowned chef Jose Andrés' Café Atlantico in Washington, D.C., uses Maker's Mark bourbon infused  with lemon verbena, in combination with meyer lemon juice and Tupelo honey syrup.

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The bud contains the essential oils that gives this plant its characteristic sweet, floral notes.

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Aziza in San Francisco


The bar at Aziza in San Francisco is known for its use of natural, seasonal ingredients. The Lavender uses the herb in a cocktail that also includes orange blossom honey and gin. Also on the cocktail menu are drinks incorporating, dill, kaffir lime, basil seeds, and cilantro.

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The fronds of this aromatic herb are best used fresh, and pair well with vodka. 

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The Idillic at Gilt Club


The Gilt Club in Portland, Oregon uses muddled fresh dill in its signature Idillic cocktail. The herb is combined with house-infused serrano pepper and tangerine vodka, fresh lemon, orange and a spritz of soda, served on the rocks with lemon. 

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Shiso Leaf

Also known as Perilla, or Japanese basil, shiso is a member of the mint family and is described as combining elements of cinnamon, anise, basil, and mint. 

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Charmane’s Star at The Summit Bar in New York


At popular New York City cocktail haunt, The Summit Bar, shiso leaf appears in the cocktail, Charmane's Star, with Russian Standard vodka, cucumber, fresh lime, Vietnamese cinnamon-infused agave, and rhubarb bitters. 

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An essential herb with notes of spice and clove, it pairs nicely with gin, light rum, or champagne. 

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AT&T cocktail at Rosebud in Atlanta, GA.


The AT&T cocktail at Rosebud in Atlanta, is a play on the classic Gin & Tonic, using house-infused apricot-thyme gin and stirrings' tonic.

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