6 Hysterical Food Text Messages

Don’t send mixed messages about dinner like these folks...
Funny Food Texts

There is something to be said for re-reading texts before you send them.

Taco Bell

In truth it isn’t entirely inaccurate..

(Damn You Autocorrect)

A Higher Calling

Pizza, even when frozen, is pretty much heavenly thing anyway.

(Damn You Autocorrect)

An Uninvited Guest

Uh. This is awkward, and awful. Where is the iPhone’s head at any way? Why is that a default word for anything?


Go Home

Literally no one knows what is happening in that text. No one. At all.


A Bundle of... Joy?

When texting parents, even about dinner, one must always be careful not to induce an untimely heart attack.


Class Snacks

Start them young. Reap the benefits for life.


(Damn You Autocorrect)