9 Funniest Things Ever Said About Fruitcake

The Christmas holiday inspires us to reach into our hearts (and pockets) to search for the perfect gift. No matter who shows up on your list, you want to get them something that will wow them, or at the very least make them smile. And for food lovers, the options to wow and amaze are limitless. From cool kitchen gadgets to informational cookbooks, a food enthusiast is happy to receive anything related to food, be it a great bottle of wine or a fruit basket. But one food item that should probably never be on your gift-giving list? Fruitcake.

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Classically horrible and barely able to compete with the likes of Christmas pudding, fruitcake has long been the subject of wonder when it comes to the holidays. After all, it seems like no matter what you do to it, the fruitcake always returns. For decades people have been joking about what makes fruitcake so funny, or nasty, and about the countless other things you can do with it besides eat it (i.e. use it as a doorstop). And a few people along the way have made some hilarious jokes about the dreaded holiday "dessert" that still crack us up!

From A. Lee Martinez's metaphor for life to the classic Johnny Carson quote, we found some of the funniest musings on fruitcake out there. For a good laugh, click through our slideshow!

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This article originally published on December 19, 2013.