6 Foods Made Better with Nutella

Because who doesn’t need a delicious hazelnut spread in their life at all times?

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Don’t lie, you’re going home and putting Nutella on all the things after you check this one out.


Morning gets an instant upgrade when you swap boring butter and jelly for a shmear of fine, chocolaty Nutella.



Nilla Wafers

Sure, this low-cal cookie is a delightful snack, but used as the “burger buns” with a Nutella patty, they take their delightfulness to a whole new level.

Better With Nutella



Forget grilled cheese. Grilled Nutella is where it is at.

Better With Nutella


Ice Cream

Combine milk and ice cream and you’ll get a milkshake. Combine milk, ice cream, and Nutella and you’ll get a masterpiece.

Better With Nutella



Waffles are good. Nutella waffles are better. Period.

Better With Nutella

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There is no way to accurately describe how beautiful this creation is. Pancakes are fabulous any morning, but when treated with a dollop of sweet Nutella, our mouths can barely contain their pure joy.

Better With Nutella

7 Times Nutella Made Everything Better

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