6 Foods Made Better with Nutella

Because who doesn’t need a delicious hazelnut spread in their life at all times?

Don’t lie, you’re going home and putting Nutella on all the things after you check this one out.


Morning gets an instant upgrade when you swap boring butter and jelly for a shmear of fine, chocolaty Nutella.


Nilla Wafers

Sure, this low-cal cookie is a delightful snack, but used as the “burger buns” with a Nutella patty, they take their delightfulness to a whole new level.



Forget grilled cheese. Grilled Nutella is where it is at.


Ice Cream

Combine milk and ice cream and you’ll get a milkshake. Combine milk, ice cream, and Nutella and you’ll get a masterpiece.



Waffles are good. Nutella waffles are better. Period.

(Flickr/Mike Miley)


There is no way to accurately describe how beautiful this creation is. Pancakes are fabulous any morning, but when treated with a dollop of sweet Nutella, our mouths can barely contain their pure joy.


(Flickr/Danielle Chang)