6 Fashion (Model) (Designer) Restaurants To Try During NY Fashion Week

In truth, designers aren't all that different from chefs. They both make the ordinary extraordinary, turning shells of ideas into full-blown concepts that take our breath away. Both are precise about presentation, both are always looking one step ahead, and most importantly they both have a fiery passion for their field.

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And like designers, when Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week hits New York City on Sept. 5 this year, chefs will be on point to make sure their own proverbial catwalk operates smoothly. The city will be full of fashion legends and starlets, but they won't be in Lincoln Center the entire time — even the glamorous have to venture out a grab a bite to eat. If you're planning on working the circuit to catch a glimpse of the stars, there is no better place to be than at the hottest restaurants. 

To completely submerge yourself into the fashion culture, you have to walk the catwalk, so to speak. Whether you are looking to stay close to the action or venture around the city for a true New York experience, you have to go to the right spots to catch a glimpse of your favorite icons. The restaurants featured in our guide are noted celebrity sighting spots when Fashion Week arrives. Plus, all of the restaurants specialize in chic food designed for fashionistas on the go, with great small-plate noshes and stiff drinks you can indulge in while you're on the move. Get ready to look (and eat) fierce this Fashion Week.