6 Dumb Things People Ask When Ordering Food

Your server won’t laugh to your face, but they will behind your back

Don't ask for your sushi cooked.

Nobody wants to look dumb at a restaurant. Unfortunately, there are some questions and comments that you really shouldn’t be saying to your server unless you want the whole wait staff to be laughing at your behind your back.

“Is the Sushi Cooked?”

The only sushi that are cooked are the eel and shrimp. And don’t ask your server to cook your sushi, or else you might cause an international incident

“Enchiladas Suizas, No Sour Cream.”

Enchiladas suizas have sour cream in them, by definition. If you don’t want sour cream, order the regular enchiladas!

“Is this any good?”

A server most likely isn’t going to tell you that anything on the menu isn’t good.

“Can You Put a Rush on My Well-Done Steak?”

Food takes time to cook. Well-done food takes a longer time to cook.

“No dessert, but can we have some more water?”

When you’re done eating, leave, or move to the bar.

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“How is the Chicken Cooked?”

It’s… cooked. Restaurants in America aren’t going to serve your chicken medium-rare, so don’t worry about it.