6 Drink Kickstarters You Should Know About

Every day it seems like we hear another success story from Kickstarter. And with the craft beer, craft distilling, and craft, well, everything trend growing stronger and stronger, it's no surprise that Kickstarter is filled with innovative projects for everything in the drink world.

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We're rounding up some of the coolest Kickstarters raising funds to date, that we think will be the "next big thing." While some of them may have surpassed their original goal, they're hoping to raise more funds for future endeavors. It's clear that many companies that had humble Kickstarter beginnings are now taking the world by storm. Take Hella Bitter Bitters in Brooklyn, N.Y., for example. Fully funded in 2011, the artisanal bitters company launched its citrus bitters and added a citrus bitters flavor to the lineup. Now, Hella Bitter is one of the most sought-after bitters brands in the New York area.

Some of the newest Kickstarters campaigns to launch range from artisal sodas to craft liqueurs and bitters to even some wacky inventions that we wish we had, like, yesterday.  And if you love beer, you'll definitely want to check out one beer historian's campaign to travel to every brewery in America. Click ahead to see the Kickstarters we're toasting.