6 Crazy Fast Food Facts

These fast food facts will blow your mind

McRibs don't look much like this before they're cooked.

From what’s really in the “eggs” to how much money is spent on marketing to kids, the fast food industry is massive, powerful, and more than a little bit frightening.

Taco Bell Meat Isn’t Pretty
Here’s what Taco Bell’s ground beef looks like before it makes its way into your taco:


Frozen McRibs Aren’t Pretty, Either
Here’s what the McRib patty looks like when it arrives at your local McDonald’s:

The Amount of Healthy Options isn’t Increasing
While the amount of fast food menu options increases every year, less than one quarter of all fast-food menu items qualify as nutritious options, according to FastFoodMarketing.org.

Less Than One Percent of Kids’ Meal Combos are Healthy
There are nearly five and a half thousand possible kids meal combinations in fast-food restaurants, but only 33 of them meet recommended nutrition standards for children.

Preschoolers See Nearly Three Fast Food Ads Per Day
In 2012, the average preschooler viewed 1,023 advertisements for fast food.

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They’re Not Real Eggs
That egg patty that comes on breakfast sandwiches often contains a lot more than just egg. The “egg omelet patty” from Subway, for example, also contains propylene glycol, isolated pea product, and an anti-foaming agent called dimethylpolysiloxane. At McDonald’s, if you want them to crack a real egg instead of using the pre-formed patty, ask for a “round egg.”