6 Condiments From Around the World to Cure Your Bad Day

Though we may remain loyal to ketchup, there is a world of condiments out there that can be just as amazing

There are plenty of condiments around the world to add a bit of flavor do your day.


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Once you’ve dipped that first French fry into aioli, there is no turning back. This garlicky dip is as addictive as it is delicious. The world wouldn’t be the same without you, aioli.


It’s a different taste for the American palate, but find the right chutney (like mango) and you’ll be smothering everything with it.


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Talk about getting it while it’s hot; a taste for this spicy sauce heating up around the States.

Hoisin Sauce

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Add hoisin to just about Asian dish, and it instantly becomes that much better. Hoisin works its magic in so many ways, and we’re constantly dazzled by its deliciously transformative powers.


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The only thing better than salsa dancing with some incredibly hunky partner is salsa dip with some incredibly chunky ingredients and a spicy kick.


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Fine. Okay. Ketchup it is. A hamburger wouldn’t be the same without ketchup. Life in general wouldn’t be the same without ketchup. We admit it.

Dijon Mustard

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Could Dijon be the best of them all? Think about all the things that are a match made in heaven with Dijon mustard. It has cast some kind of spell on us, and we’re fine with it.