6 Common Cold Symptoms You Can Relieve With Food

The last thing anyone wants during the holidays is to feel sick. But it never fails: As the temperature drops and the season calls for stressful rushing, our immune systems have trouble fighting off infections. Before you know it, that simple cough will turn into a heaving, hacking one and your nose will feel like someone left the faucet on. Even when you've done everything you can to ward off a cold, sometimes that pesky disease hits you where it hurts and you are stuck dealing with the symptoms. Instead of waiting for your over-the-counter medicine to kick in, try lessening the blow of cold symptoms with natural food remedies.

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When you were little, mom always had a bowl of soup ready or ginger ale poured to help you feel better. These practices were more than TLC — they may have actually helped ease the blow of otherwise aggressive cold symptoms. Most healthy foods are packed with vitamins and nutrients that help boost our immune systems, but some are specifically loaded with properties that can attack irritated areas. 

For instance, did you know that the ever-annoying runny nose can be eased with a few herbal vapors? Or how about that antioxidant-rich fruits can give your achy muscles some respite? There may be tons of unassuming foods in your refrigerator right now that can relieve some of your more daunting symptoms. Click through our slideshow to see which symptoms can be alleviated with the help of food!