6 Carrots Who Are In Love

Check out these adorable carrots who can’t get enough of each other

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Take a look at these frisky vegetables.

Nature is a funny thing, especially when it plays an unintentionally funny joke on us humans. We can find the humor in anything, and often do when we are able to personify everything from clouds to carrots.We found some of the cutest, funniest shaped carrots that are so entwined, they look like they are in love. Because... well, why not! Check out the funny pictures we found and don’t forget to submit your own! Email the Entertain Editor lgordon@thedailymeal.com your hilarious food photos and we’ll post them!

Hug From Behind

“Let me wrap my orange arms around you baby.”

(Flickr/Chris Campbell)

“I wish we could be one carrot”


Alone Time

Uh, would you two like to be alone?



“Let me get a piggy-back ride honey!”

(Flickr/Alask anent)

Hugging it Out

“Come here you big lug!”

(Flickr/T Gibbison)

First Date

Awww, somebody is super shy!

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